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 The common misconception of people when they hear the phrase “network marketing” is that it is a lazy man’s gateway to success. Well, it is truly a misconception. While it is true that network marketing business is a lucrative industry and that the time-frame for success in this business depends on the person, it is not a walk in the park.


In this business, determination and hard work is better than just simply being open-minded. Many new marketers get discouraged once they find out that network marketing is not as easy as they thought it would be. So instead of persevering to succeed, they just give up. Let’s break down these common network marketing misconceptions together with 7 ways to overcome network marketing challenges brought about by such misconceptions.



1  I just need to be open-minded. — With the unconventional business model of network marketing, it takes to have an open mind to fully absorb and appreciate it without prejudice. But it doesn’t end there. Just like any business venture, network marketing needs to be analyzed and understood thoroughly before committing to it. Don’t just open your mind, make it work as well.


  1. I only need to recruit and that’s it! – Successful Network marketing has a very simple and easy to understand business model but this does not mean that applying it is easy. People have different priorities and outlooks in life. Just because you see the potential of having huge income in network marketing doesn’t mean everyone sees it the same way. Marketers are encouraged to fully study the business model. Once they completely understand the business, it will be easier to educate, not recruit, others.


  1. It all boils down to sales talk. — A good presentation pitch is helpful, but network marketing is not only about it. Keep in mind that what you are offering is a business opportunity, not an end product. Instead of “selling” it to potential signups, educate and enlighten them about the business and what they can get out of it while being transparent about possible risks and losses. In network marketing, we do not aim for a sale. We aim for a partnership.


  1. It’s a simple “monkey see, monkey do” business. — New marketers can indeed learn a lot from seasoned professionals who have been in the industry for a long time. However, network marketing business model is not just about copying somebody’s approach. The success of encouraging someone to sign up relies on personal connection. Well, to be honest, everything in network marketing is about personal connection. Although imitating your superior’s presentation pitch is okay, a more personal and sincere approach will have a better impact. Click here for more info


  1. It’s fast and easy money. — This is the ultimate bubble-buster. Most people think that earning in network marketing is easy. There are some success stories of instant millionaires in network marketing but these are rare cases and their success is still backed up with hard work and perseverance. It MAY be fast and easy, but it’s not guaranteed. The business model is not time-bound anyways, so the time-frame to success solely depends on you.


  1. Success is guaranteed. — most network marketing companies include numerous possibilities for income generation in their packages. However, this is still a business venture. Success is not 100% guaranteed and a marketer may lose his investments anytime. However, network marketing is known for its support system. You can always talk to your superiors to learn more about the business and lower the chances of failing.

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  1. It’s a scam. — this is already a “has-been” perception about network marketing and it’s already as old as time. With a business model that is simple yet effective, earning huge amounts is really possible in network marketing. There might have been a few stories about fraudulent companies, but it is something that should not be blamed in the system. Fraud and scams are done by people and not by the business model. It is important that you completely understand everything in the business, including the possible risks, before going for it.


Network marketing online business may sound easy, but in reality, only the smart, hardworking, and dedicated people succeed in this demanding business. Challenges will always be there, but once you overcome them, you will be rewarded with infinite possibilities. And no, that’s not a misconception.

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